Songs for Our Times

“One of the best albums of the year.” — Washington Post

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Mister, Slow It Down

He Never Sent Roses

A Cold Day in November


Put Your Name On A Different Line

The Yankee

On the Mountain Tonight

Missy and Me


Won’t You Take Me Home With You

The Guitar, The Gun and The Hoe

The Emporer’s New Clothes

North by North

500 Scabs and 500 Soldiers

The Poverty Line

6 Responses to “Songs for Our Times”

  1. […] North By North is available now on John’s CD re-release, Songs for Our Times. […]

  2. Bruce Nordhausen Says:

    Greetings John,

    It has been years, but I was reminded of your music after seeing Susan and Janet at the Folk Life festival yesterday. Will attempt to locate my check book and order up Songs for Our Times. My vinyls and I were separated, I believe when I was living in my car. Long story. I was even making good money at the time. Jeanmarie and I are no longer together as she fell ill with bi-polar illness some 13 years ago. I hung in there for about 11 years. But when my youngest, Alexandra, turned 18 I started to pull out totally. New gal in my life (wasn’t expecting that) and relocated up to Bellingham with her last year. Time passes and keeps on passing. Pax vobiscum.


  3. Heard Furies do North By North years ago on KRCC Colorado Springs, Finbar Furie amazed me as did the song I arranged as best was possible. Been playing it locally in Eastern Colorado. Excellent response. I’m a blues guy, ran with Pete LaFarge and Townes in the day. Will open at a place called Wild Fire in Berthoud Colorado with North by North. Tell you how it’s received. Be well. Cordley

  4. “He Never Sent Roses” and “Missy and Me” have been important songs for me since before I shook your hand following a small afternoon concert outside the bookstore on the WWU campus in Bellingham years and years ago. The kids are all grown, the wife’s upstairs and I’m tending the fire alone. I thought I’d see what John O’Connor was up to.
    Thanks for your music.

  5. Skaught Says:

    Well, I have been trying to find old great albums I used to play on a community radio station in Alamosa CO many years ago. It has been a fun search. Your album – Songs of Our Times was one of my favorites. Nice to be able to order it from you in CD. Will order your newest as well, nice to see you still out there!

  6. Hi John! It’s been a very long time! So glad you have a blogsite. I’m sending you a note & check for 2 albums & a request about putting North by North on my website, DeColonizing Our History. The site is still in the construction stage, but the song would be perfect for the page on Foreclosures, Homelessness & Corporate Greed (along with my song, Homeless Tonight). I hope you’ve been doing well. I’ve finally found my true home in Vermont, so if you’re ever up this way….Looking forward to hearing from you! Peace, Mimi Yahn

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