unravelin2  Order this album at https://www.etsy.com/shop/johnoconnormusic

Travelin’ Man


Part-Time Martyr

Yellow River

Easy Street

Casey’s Song


The Stranger

The Party’s Over

Mid-Life Crisis Blues


Higher Places

5 Responses to “Unravelin’”

  1. Sharleen Leahey Says:

    I believe I heard you perform years ago at Peoples Voice Cafe in New York City.

    Please confirm that you are the same John who wrote Sarajevo Morning (published in my magazine Songs for Peace in the late 90s) and also, Modern Warfare. I would love to have recordings of these two songs if you ever did record them.

    Sharleen Leahey

  2. johnpauloconnor Says:

    Sharleen – Glad you found my website. Unfortunately, I never recorded either of those songs. John

  3. Sharleen Leahey Says:

    Please put me on your mailing list . . . if you are every performing in this part of the country please let me know. I’d love to hear you perform . . . maybe you’ll even play Sarajevo Morning . . . or Modern Warfare??

  4. Hello,
    May I ask who the artist is that did the painting for your album cover?
    Love your poetry and song writing!

  5. johnpauloconnor Says:

    For Unravelin’ and Songs for Our Times I used paintings by Elizabeth Johns from Bristol, TN. Thanks for the kind comments.

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